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Obama's State of the Union Address Would Cost $40 Billion

The NTUF analysis of the President's 2014 State of the Union Address

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2014 State of the Union Analysis

Each year, NTU Foundation conducts a line-by-line analysis of the State of the Union Address to identify all of the legislative actions the Chief Executive proposes to the nation. The items are matched with cost esimates, legislation, or Administration documents to determine how much the speech would change the federal budget.

BillTally Snapshot

On net, the 113th Congress proposed almost $1.3 trillion in new spending in the first six months of 2013.

In the first half of 2013, the House sponsored 434 budget-influencing, non-overlapping measures that would, if enacted, result in a $1.2 trillion spending increase per year.

If all of the 225 non-overlapping measures introduced by the Senate were made law, the federal government would shrink by $46.8 billion annually.

Check out the BillTally report here and see the list of the top 10 bills with the largest impact on spending here.

What is BillTally?

Since 1991, NTUF has computed the legislative spending agendas of Members of Congress by analyzing the costs – and savings – of the bills that they sponsor and cosponsor as part of our BillTally research project. Our goal is to provide the public, and the media, with objective, quantifiable information on what Members would like to do with the tax dollars that are sent to Washington.

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