Dedicated to helping citizens of all generations understand how tax and spending policies affect them.

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The National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) is a research and educational organization dedicated solely to helping citizens of all generations understand how tax policies, spending programs, and regulations at all levels affect them now and in the future.  Through NTUF's timely information, analysis, and commentary, we're empowering citizens to actively engage in the fiscal policy debate and hold public officials accountable every day.


What is BillTally?

We know what the President wants to spend every year because the President is required to submit a budget; Members of Congress do not.  Yet, their desire to spend what taxpayers send to Washington is reflected in the legislation that Members support.

Since 1991, NTUF has computed the legislative spending agendas of Members of Congress by analyzing the costs – and savings – of the bills that they sponsor and cosponsor as part of our BillTally research project.  BillTally is the only comprehensive look at the potential cost to taxpayers of what Members want to spend on a Member-by-Member basis.  Our goal is to provide the public, and the media, with objective, quantifiable information on what Members would like to do with the tax dollars that are sent to Washington.

What other kinds of research does NTUF pursue?

NTUF's BillTally project is at the center of a research ecosystem.  Data from the BillTally system are integral to NTUF's presidential campaign studies, special interest group analyses, and Senate campaign platform comparisons.  BillTally results are also used in various NTU and NTUF issue briefs and policy papers.

NTUF also conducts research into taxes and spending at the federal and state levels.  Entitlements and the need for entitlement reform are areas of interest as well.

The Taxpayer's Tab

The Taxpayer’s Tab is the weekly newsletter for up-to-the-minute research from the National Taxpayers Union Foundation’s BillTally Project.  Each week, NTUF will bring you updates on the week’s most and least expensive bills, the ones with the most cosponsors (“the most friended”), and a few bills we’ve termed Wildcards -- bills that we think you might find interesting.

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