Publications : Bryan Riley


China Competition Bill Shouldn’t Punish U.S. Farmers, Manufacturers, and Workers

by Bryan Riley May 13, 2022


Distributional Effects of Trade and Trade Policy on U.S. Workers

by Bryan Riley May 03, 2022


No, the Trade Deficit Did Not Subtract from U.S. GDP

by Bryan Riley April 28, 2022


More Tariffs + No Help for Americans Who Lose Jobs to Tariffs = Cruel Joke

by Bryan Riley April 11, 2022


Remember When Critics Said We Rely on China for Pharmaceuticals? Not so Fast.

by Bryan Riley April 05, 2022


A Win-Win Way to Improve U.S. Trade Policy

by Bryan Riley March 28, 2022


How Congress Can Boost Ocean Shipping

by Bryan Riley March 22, 2022


Coalition Letter re: Bipartisan Innovation Act/America COMPETES Act

by Bryan Riley March 09, 2022


The Perils of Export Bans

by Bryan Riley March 03, 2022

Issue Brief 

America COMPETES Act Would Make America Less Competitive

by Bryan Riley January 31, 2022


Biden EV Proposal Treats Alabama Auto Workers as Foreigners

by Bryan Riley January 14, 2022


Biden Administration Takes on the “Cozy Sugar Industry” — Or Does It?

by Bryan Riley December 14, 2021

Issue Brief 

20th Anniversary of China Joining the World Trade Organization: 5 Things to Know

by Bryan Riley December 10, 2021

Issue Brief 

11 Reasons Robert Lighthizer is (Still) Wrong about Trade and Tariffs

by Bryan Riley November 01, 2021